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At Seaport Mold & Casting, we realize that each individual project employs its own unique set of necessities and to meet your needs we are able to utilize many different technologies. Not only can we meet your requirements, but we can assist you in determining which methods can make your project a success.

Our services include….

Rapid Turnaround – At Seaport Mold & Casting, we pride ourselves in rapid service, giving industry leading turnaround times. It is routine for us to ship castings the very same day tooling is provided.

Plaster Casting - Plaster molded castings offer superior quality, in fact finish qualities are generally only limited to the finish of the supplied pattern.  Using many different casting alloys, our plaster castings can visually replicate an aluminum die casting.  Our founder here at Seaport Mold and Casting, Fred Kumor Sr. worked on the team that invented the plaster casting process.  We've spent the past 65+ years perfecting it.

Sand Casting - Utilizing our sand casting process will give you the fastest turnaround times that we offer.  By harnessing our sand casting capabilities we can produce prototype castings that closely mimic material mechanical properties of production castings.  

Alloys Utilized – A206, B206, 319, 355, 356, 357, 380, 390, 535 AlMag, 713 Tenzalloy, Zinc, Brass, Manganese Bronze and other Copper-based alloys.

Prototype, Unique, Short-Run or Gap Production – With the capability to produce castings from less than an ounce to over 400 lbs in many different copper, zinc and aluminum based alloys, we can provide anything from a single unique replica part to a 500 or 1000 piece production run.

Patternmaking – Our on-site pattern shop allows us to provide a one-stop experience, where the patterns and casting process can be provided under one roof. This eliminates communication and logistic breakdowns between pattern/tooling makers and casting provisions.

Tooling Design Assistance – Utilizing our many years of experience, we are able to avoid many of the common time consuming mistakes by assisting our customers and their engineers in tooling design, helping to reduce or eliminate the guesswork.

Finishing – There are many options available when selecting a finish for a casting. We offer a wide variety, from standard sand and shot blasting to other forms such as powder coating and plating.

Heat-Treating – Performing in-house heat-treatments gives us an advantage, both in quality and lead time. Per our customers specifications, our process can provide a variety of Thermal Treatments such as; T2,T21,T4,T5,T51,T551,T6,T61,T62,T65,T7,T71,T75 and T77.

Seaport Mold & Casting Company is a US owned and family operated facility and for over 65 years we have consistently and reliably provided die-cast simulation, prototype, short run production and custom castings for a broad array of industries.

We utilize both sand and plaster casting processes, which gives us a unique ability to cast many different types of castings, from thin walled to very heavy sections.
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